01. How do I know if the Ultra Dark Mousse is the right choice for me?

If you’re spending hours tanning on the beach in hopes to get a tropical tan then Ultra Dark Mousse is the right choice for you. After only one use you will get a deeper and darker tan and you’ll have more time for other fun activities. 😉

02. Can my shade of tan seem orange?

Nude&rude Mousses are created with every skin tone in mind. You’ll get a stunning chocolate-like tan, we’re leaving red and orange tones in the past, where they belong! You can use our Mousse carefree because your tan will always look perfect!

03. Is nude&rude Tanning Mitt necessary to apply the Mousse?

During the self-tanning process, it is necessary to protect your hands to avoid patchy tan. We recommend that you use nude&rude Tanning Mitt as it will not only protect your hands but also blend the Mousse perfectly on your skin, and you can use it again and again. Another option would be plain surgical gloves that can protect your hands during the self-tanning process.

04. Will nude&rude Mousse leave stains on my clothes?

We recommend you wear darker clothes made of lightweight and breathable fabric after applying nude&rude Mousse. Until tan develops, and before you rinse off excess color, there is a chance that you transfer some color on your clothes. After you rinse off excess color the transfer of color to your clothing or sheets is no longer possible. However, if you decide to sleep with Mousse on your skin, there is a possibility of transfer to your sheets. Our advice is that you should wear older pieces of clothing if you decide to leave the Mousse on. Don’t worry, the stains will be gone after one wash.


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