Show Your Dark Side.

nude&rude is a professional line of self-tanning products that takes your tan to the next level in just a few hours. Quality ingredients guarantee flawless results and a natural color tan every day of the year!


nude&rude collection contains all you need for self tanning, sun bathing and skin care all year round

Self Tanning Mousse - DarkSelf Tanning Mousse - Dark
Sold out
Face Tan WaterFace Tan Water

Face Tan Water

2,599 RSD
Body Tan WaterBody Tan Water

Body Tan Water

3,199 RSD
Tan DropsTan Drops

Tan Drops

2,599 RSD
Body ScrubBody Scrub

Body Scrub

1,499 RSD
Caramel Kisses Sun Tan JamCaramel Kisses Sun Tan Jam
On sale

Caramel Kisses Sun Tan Jam

1,279 RSD 1,599 RSD
Cinnamon Skin Tanning OilCinnamon Skin Tanning Oil
On sale

Cinnamon Skin Tanning Oil

1,759 RSD 2,199 RSD
Summer Essentials SetSummer Essentials Set
Sold out

Summer Essentials Set

2,479 RSD 3,099 RSD
Ready-Set-Glow Shimmer SprayReady-Set-Glow Shimmer Spray
Sold out

Ready-Set-Glow Shimmer Spray

1,599 RSD 1,999 RSD

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How to use?

nude&rude was created with the idea of ​​eliminating unwanted blemishes, orange undertones and uneven skin tone from the self-tanning process. High-quality ingredients and easy application guarantee an even and naturally tanned result every time. Watch video tutorials and learn how to apply.


Why nude&rude?

Easy & even tan
Easy & even tan

nude&red self-tanning foams contain a tanning indicator. The brown color indicator tells you if you have applied the foam to each part of the body. Follow the pointer and an even tan will become your trademark!

Ingredients your skin will love
Ingredients your skin will love

Coconut water & natural DHA in nude&rude foam are gentle on the skin while creating a dark tan. Avoid harmful radiation in the solarium or too long stays under the sun, but do not give up the summer tan that you enjoy so much.

Beautiful &natural shade
Beautiful &natural shade

Nothing is more beautiful than a natural tan. nude&rude does not contain orange tones, and you don't have to worry about stains either. It comes off evenly and is easy to apply, the result is as if you just came back from vacation.

What does nude&rude represent?
When we say "nude" we mean the good feeling you get in your skin when you are happy with your tan. When we say "rude" we mean "be yourself" without compromising on the things you love!
Shine even when the sun is nowhere to be found with Dark nude&rude Self Tanning Mousse.
Face Tan Water will quickly become an essential part of your cosmetic bag and replace your makeup with a natural-looking golden tan that lasts.
Simple & fast delivery

Simple & fast delivery

Natural tan in just a few clicks. Order your nude&rude cosmetics and pay for them when you pick them up or online, and we'll make sure they get to you as quickly as possible.