01. Does Caramel Kisses Sun Tan Jam protect from the harmful effects of the sun?

Caramel Kisses product does not contain SPF protection factor, and is not recommended for use during the strongest sun or if you do not already have tanned skin, or if you are very pale.

02. Can I use Caramel Kisses if I have sensitive skin?

Skin reactions to cosmetic products are very individual and certain allergic reactions or side effects can occur if the skin is sensitive to any of the ingredients, so it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the ingredients or try the product on a small part of the skin before use.

03. Is Caramel Kisses a self-tanning product?

No. Carmel Kisses is a sunscreen product, it helps to achieve a beautiful sunkised tan with the help of the sun's rays.


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