01. How often should I use nude&rude Body Scrub?

You should use Body Scrub 24 hours before the first use of self-tanning Mousse. In case you choose to regularly maintain your tan with nude&rude Mousses, you don’t have to use Body Scrub before every application. It’s enough to use Body Scrub once in ten days, while you should reapply the Mousse every five days.

02. Why is it necessary to use nude&rude Body Scrub before applying self-tanning Mousse?

Exfoliation is the first step in the self-tanning process that you don’t want to skip! It removes dead skin cells which have a tendency to absorb more color during the self-tanning process. To perfectly prepare your skin for self-tanning Mousse, you should exfoliate with the Body Scrub that will clean and refresh your skin.


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