Tanning Mitt

899 RSD
The tanning mitt helps you apply the nude&rude self-tanning foam evenly and easily.

Made of soft material, it will be gentle on your skin, but also ensure that you apply the foam evenly on the skin, leaving no lines or spots. At the same time, it protects the hands when applying foam. It is intended for repeated use, and maintenance is extremely simple.

Order our tanning mitt that will become an assistant for your perfect tan!

01. Is nude&rude Tanning Mitt necessary to apply the Mousse?

During the self-tanning process, it is necessary to protect your hands to avoid patchy tan. We recommend that you use nude&rude Tanning Mitt as it will not only protect your hands but also blend the Mousse perfectly on your skin, and you can use it again and again. Another option would be plain surgical gloves that can protect your hands during the self-tanning process.

02. How to maintain nude&rude Tanning Mitt?

You will maintain the Mitt by hand-washing it with water and washing powder after each use. After that, leave it to air-dry. Use it dry every time. Tip: Don’t wash your Mitt immediately after self-tanning to avoid washing off the foam on your hands.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Dragana Ilić

Tanning Mitt

Nikolina Gracanin

Tanning Mitt

Andjela Spalevic

zdravo, ostavlja mi fleke a uradila sam lepo i piling🥺

Najlepsa boja

Odlicna boja, nije narandzasta, ne ostavlja fleke. Jedina mana je sto koza poprimi neprijatan miris sledeci dan.

Mira Popadic
Utisci o pjeni za samopotamnjivanje

Pjena je vise nego dobraaaaa... najbolji proizvodcza samopotamnjivanje koji sam porobala.. preporuka za sve koji zele da preko noci imaju preplanuli ten .. hvalaaaa

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